Luxury resort Madagascar: A wide choice throughout the trip

Luxury resort Madagascar: A wide choice throughout the trip

By choosing Madagascar as a destination, some tourists think that it will be difficult to find good luxury hotel Madagascar throughout their trip. Discovering Madagascar, it is indeed moving from city to city. You need also to travel from the center of the country, Antananarivo, then moving towards the south to visit the Avenue of the baobabs in Morondava. To go to the Tsingy of Bemaraha or the park of Ranomafana, your also change hotel. And it’s also the same to visit the Isalo canyon, right down to the different beaches of the country. But by choosing the best travel agency Madagascar specialized in luxury travel, it is possible to live this experience. Similarly for car, traveling by 4×4 is not the only solution. For those who have not too long time and who can not spend more than 7 days while they want to go to the best sites in the north to the south of the country, there is solution. There are private planes that allow to go to sites like the Tsingy in 1 day, fly over the Baobab avenue…


With the development of tourism, luxury hotel Madagascar offer has indeed changed significantly in recent years. Whether in the capital, Antananarivo or in other cities… quality hotel, lodge or private villa exists. VIP guests can stay in the best hotels at the only condition that the booking should be done in time. In the capital, well-known hotel like Carlton Madagascar, located in the district of Anosy are good reference. In the business district of Antaninarenina, the down town city, there are also renowned hotel such as the Hotel Colbert, the hotel du Louvre, Tana Hotel. If the charm and typical authenticity of the country while staying in a luxury room is also something important to your heart, the hotel Royal Palissandre in the district of Faravohitra, next to the old city of Antananarivo and also the 3 Métis hotel are also advised. Otherwise, if staying in the center is your choice, the Grand Mellis and Ibis Hotel will not disappoint you.


In Madagascar, little hotel but offering services worthy of luxury hotel with very personalized services that will not fail to delight tourists on vacation Madagascar who seek this type of standing also exist. Vakona hotel in Andasibe park, Tsara Guest House in Fianarantsoa, ​​Satrana Lodge in Isalo but also Isalo Rock Lodge,… In all cases, a travel agency Madagascar specialized in luxury stay will find for you the best hotel that will match to your expectation.


Tsiky Tour team

October 2018

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